Liposuction Massage Roller

The patent-pending, Original LipoRoller is an all-in-one solution providing relief from fluid congestion, swelling, itching, poor blood circulation, and sore muscles. As the body heals, scar tissue forms, and some may be hard and be visible through the top layer of the skin. The good news is that it takes upwards of three months for scar tissue formation to fully develop. You can minimize the severity through daily massages with the Original LipoRoller to break up scar tissue.


About the Product

  • EASY, POST-OP LIPOSUCTION MASSAGE ROLLER – The Orginial LipoRoller is a patent-pending self-massager designed to be worn over your compression garment, and is ideal for self massaging post liposuction procedures and to assist with lymphatic drainage and swelling.
  • MAY HELP SMOOTH SKIN IRREGULARITIES – Scar tissue can develop creating unsightly and uneven bumps and lumps. Research has shown that massages early on in the post-op process can significantly prevent and/or improve most irregularities due to scar tissue including fibrosis, seroma, and hematoma. The patent-pending Original LipoRoller was designed for this.
  • HELPS WITH BLOOD FLOW – Like traditional massages, the patent-pending Original LipoRoller helps increase blood flow, meaning more oxygen and nutrients to reach the damaged area speeding up recovery. Additionally, this also helps flush out lymph, accumulated damaged cells and eliminate toxins from the body.
  • RECOVER FASTER POST LIPOSUCTION SURGERY – With more blood flow, less lymph, prevents fluid accumulation and built up damaged cells, you greatly enhance the quality and speed of recovery. Reducing swelling by assisting the lymphatic system in the elimination of toxins and damaged cells may be effective preventing infection. The suggested use for the LipoRoller twice a day between 5-10 minutes, up to 3 months. Use the LipoRoller with professional massage to achieve your ideal, smooth results.
  • THE PATENT-PENDING Original LipoRoller – designed from tested, hygienic material exclusively with the liposuction patient in mind. The Original LipoRoller is constructed out of hypoallergenic EVA foam, is lightweight and super easy to use at 1.5 lbs. Use the LipoRoller at home, at the office or anywhere you need.


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